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Here are some teachers’ comments taken from independent Program Evaluations of Grammar Basics Workshop.

  • The whole course was extremely useful and beneficial as it allowed me to refresh and brush up on my grammar skills. I left the course more confident of my skills.
  • I have a better understanding of why students make certain grammatical errors and I now have the knowledge to communicate with students how to correct them. I will be able to give students useful and detailed feedback on their literacy skills.
  • I found the booklet we were given was the most useful. I will be able to teach my students using the different exercises in this booklet but changing a few things to meet the students’ needs.
  • This provided me with a clear understanding of grammar which is directly applicable to my work as a Year 7 English teacher.
  • The most important part of this presentation was to make teachers more confident and better informed about the current trends in English Grammar. I am better able to understand the mistakes learners make based on the information presented. I am also able to better correct the students as to why they made those mistakes and how to correct them appropriately.
  • Margaret was amazing when teaching about Grammar, she made it clear and helped me and others when we were stuck. I learnt so much and really understood the content
  • Margaret was very knowledgeable and offered to always be available if we needed assistance with any grammar or literacy. It will be useful to be able to communicate with her in the future if we have any questions or need assistance.
  • The simple fact that my own understanding of grammar has improved dramatically, so I am much better placed to be able to effectively teach it. Margaret provided so many examples of different teaching strategies to help students start using different grammar functions.
  • This course is a great way for people to feel more confident about teaching and marking grammar as you can refer back to your notes about things you are unsure of.
  • We were given a booklet that contained all the theory that we covered in class. The instructor was also very helpful and insisted that if we have any issues throughout the year regarding grammar, to please contact her for her help.
  • The way that the program was structured and scaffolded (from the foundational knowledge required through to the more advanced learning) was incredibly beneficial for me. Working through the Grammar Basics workbook and refreshing my understanding of the concepts.
  • The strategies and activities that were modelled were immensely helpful and could be easily adapted to assist students.
  • The structure of the course was useful. It flowed well and allowed maximum learning.
  • The Grammar Basics Workshop booklet provided is an excellent text to keep for reference. My notes taken during the very teacher directed sessions will be valuable as I constantly made connections to my classroom practices as a Year 1 teacher.
  • No improvements were needed. The presenter was excellent, and her knowledge was outstanding. A highly informative and engaging PL.
  • It was one of the most engaging workshop I have ever attended.
  • I absolutely loved the program and learnt so much from Margaret. She was engaging and passionate about Grammar and built my confidence and understanding throughout the day. She was extremely encouraging throughout, ensured everyone understood the concepts she was teaching before moving on and happily shared her time and resources. Every teacher should spend a day (or more) at one of Margaret’s PL’s! My head was ready to explode by the end of the day but with the support material provided, I am able to revisit to gain understanding at a later date.
  • The workshop was designed to up-skill teachers in their understanding and confidence of teaching grammar and that is exactly what it did.
  • The knowledge gained about grammar, not only improved my understanding of grammar, but will allow me to teach it to my students more confidently.

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