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During Covid-19 all our courses will be conducted online. Please CLICK HERE to access our online training portal.

About our online course:

This interactive online course features a series of lectures interspersed with engaging activities. The course covers the key components of grammatical subject knowledge that are required for the Australian Curriculum English. The course is designed for primary and secondary teachers who are not confident in their knowledge of grammar or those wanting to revise. The course has been tailored to help you understand English grammar as documented in the Australian Curriculum: English under Sentences and Clause-level grammar and Word-level grammar.

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The Australian Curriculum has put the focus back on the teaching of grammar. This 5 hour workshop aims to increase teachers’ knowledge of the basics of traditional English grammar.


Grammar for Teachers / Grammar Basics Workshop

The workshop is conducted in a relaxed and supportive environment. The facilitator, Margaret McBride, has over 30 years English language teaching experience and has worked as a University lecturer/tutor in teacher education for post-graduate and master’s degree students. The program is especially suitable for teachers who have limited grammatical knowledge, although teachers wanting to revise grammar fundamentals will also benefit. The workshop is presented in a simple and easy to follow format and teachers will work collaboratively to develop their skills. A workbook with glossary will be provided as well as recommendations for classroom resources. It is our firm commitment to develop teachers’ confidence in using and describing English grammar. Post workshop, teachers are welcome to email or meet with the course facilitator if they need further assistance.

Learning outcomes of the 5-hour workshop:

  • Teachers will be introduced to the metalanguage (terminology) of traditional grammar.
  • Teachers will be able identify the different parts of speech or word classes.
  • Teachers will be able to distinguish phrases, clauses, and sentences (simple, compound and complex).
  • Teachers will learn about grammatical function – subject, object, adverbial etc.
  • Teachers will apply this knowledge to different texts, and will not only recognize errors, but develop understanding of the reasons for errors.

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