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Margaret McBride – Director

Margaret McBride has over 30 years’ experience in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and English lecturing in higher education institutions and universities, as well as providing language services to government and business. Margaret has a keen interest in English Grammar and has been lecturer and unit convenor for post graduate and master’s degree students in Approaches to Grammar.

In 2015, Margaret developed the Grammar Basics Workshop for primary and high school teachers in Canberra and NSW, in response to wanting to assist those who were struggling with the fundamentals of English grammar. This course has been given both TQI (Teacher Quality Institute) and NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) accreditation. Margaret has a strong teaching background, which together with her technical and academic knowledge makes her highly proficient in course delivery. Her workshops, which are engaging and interactive, are highly acclaimed.

Due to her extensive language teaching experience, Margaret is also able to provide consultative services to small business, and corporate and government sectors, to support employees with language difficulties. She can provide assessments with follow up advice and strategies for improvement, as well as appropriate recommendations for on-going tutoring if needed.

Margaret has a BA in Linguistics (ANU), Graduate Diploma TESL (University of SA) and Master of Education (University of SA). She has also presented at numerous conferences both national and international.


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